Asian Massage in White Bear Lake

Opening Hours : Open Hours: 7 days a week, 9:30 am -9:30 pm, 763-337-9774

About Ruyi Massage

Ruyi Massage is massage therapy center in New Ulm, MN. We practice table massage, futon massage, foot massage and chair massage. Our futon massage includes full body massage, Swedish massage, hot oil massage and deep tissue massage. Currently, deep tissue massage is one of the most practiced therapeutic massage in our center. Our staff are Asian oriented massage therapists who are specialized in acupressure massage which focuses on therapeutic massage. We open 7 days a week, from 9 am to 9 pm. For appointment, please call 507-213-6697.

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Table Massage

  • 30 min table  massage is $50
  • 60 min table massage is $70
  • 90 min table  massage is $90
  • 120 min table is   $110

Futon Massage

  • 60 min massage is $80
  • 90 min massage is $100
  • 120 min massage $130

Foot and Chair Massage

  • 30 min foot massage is $36
  • 60 min foot massage is $48
  • 20 min chair  massage is $24
  • 30 min chair massage is $36




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